3,750 Hours of Community in Action

In 2020, RMMFI volunteers contributed an incredible 3,750 hours to supporting inclusive entrepreneurship in Colorado! As mentors, workshop providers, and external advisors, volunteers shared their talent and passion to help entrepreneurs at all stages of the journey do great things for themselves and their businesses.

In Idea, volunteers filled a new coaching role as we introduced Business Idea Lab, and more Idea Navigators than ever provided guidance on building strong personal and business foundations. In Launch, boot camp mentors helped entrepreneurs apply in-class lessons to create actionable business plans and continued working with the entrepreneurs after graduation to reach key milestones for a successful business launch. In Thrive, volunteers offered individualized support to entrepreneurs navigating both the normal and the uniquely 2020 challenges that come with business ownership.

While the number of hours volunteered this year is impressive, the importance of these connections is best summed up by the entrepreneurs themselves:

I needed guidance and knowledge, and they gave me all that. The mentors were so valuable; they just make you feel good about your journey.

My mentor gave me a lot of really great ideas, was super helpful in working with me, and definitely gave me some things I can do on my own. I can’t possibly talk her up enough, since I’m so energized now I’m going to have trouble sleeping tonight.

I would say RMMFI’s superpower is community involvement. You get so many wonderful people to volunteer and really put their all into the program.

Community truly is our superpower, and we’re grateful to all of you for being part of it!