4,500 Hours of Community in Action

In 2022, more than 230 RMMFI volunteers contributed over 4,500 hours to supporting inclusive entrepreneurship in Colorado. As mentors and coaches, workshop facilitators, loan reviewers, and more, volunteers shared their expertise and passion to help entrepreneurs activate their potential at every stage of the journey.

The number of hours volunteered increased by 22% last year, reflecting the way our volunteer community has stepped up as we bring RMMFI’s proven approach to more places and entrepreneurs across the state. With the help of our volunteers, we were able to both serve more small business owners than ever and deepen the level of support we provide to each individual in our programs.

While 4,500 hours is certainly something to celebrate, the impact of these connections is best summed up by the entrepreneurs themselves:

“My mentors were a huge help to push me to what I was capable of and not just what I thought I was capable of.”

“My boot camp mentors gave me the encouragement I needed to be patient with the bumps in the road and to get comfortable with the changes I had to make. They kept me hopeful.”

“I honestly don’t think I could’ve done this without my mentor group. They really helped me grasp this idea that was kind of formless and turn it into what it is now. They helped me set myself up to continue to grow and take this business hopefully to beyond my own imagination.”

Thank you to everyone who volunteers their time and talent to help entrepreneurs do great things for themselves, their businesses, and their communities. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer, click here to learn about our many opportunities to get involved!