Equipping Entrepreneurs with the Power of Choice Through Free Credit Check Ups

Financial circumstances should not limit someone’s ability to realize their potential, but they too often do. Our work to remove those obstacles goes beyond providing access to business capital, and thanks to our membership with Credit Builders Alliance, we’re excited to announce that we are now offering free credit check ups with entrepreneurs.

Personal credit is commonly one of the barriers standing in the way of entrepreneurs’ ability to access affordable capital and other financial opportunities. In addition to offering low-barrier microloans that can help entrepreneurs build a strong credit history, we believe that a Whole Entrepreneur approach also includes equipping individuals with knowledge and information about their personal finance so that they can take steps toward turning their credit into an asset to activate more choice and opportunity in the future.

By offering these credit check ups ourselves, we can now create a more efficient and consistent process that will allow staff to more effectively provide feedback and personalized suggestions for other ways that entrepreneurs can build strong credit in addition to RMMFI loan repayment. We will also now be able to objectively track and understand the impact of our loans on entrepreneur credit building.

We’re grateful for our partnership with Credit Builders Alliance as we work to support entrepreneurs’ path toward financial wellbeing for themselves and their families.