Do You Know the Boot Camp Grads on Team RMMFI?

Last week, we welcomed Pablo Saavedra as the newest member of the RMMFI team. If that name looks familiar, it’s because Pablo is a graduate of our most recent Aurora class of Business Launch Boot Camp. As he continues to build and grow his business, Pablo will also be supporting the growth of new RMMFI sites as our Site Activation Coordinator.

Hiring from within the entrepreneur community is something we prioritize as a way of ensuring that the individuals we serve have a direct and active role in the decisions and development of the organization. In addition to Pablo, two other staff members, four contractors, and one board member are graduates of Business Launch Boot Camp – all successfully running their own businesses while also bringing the entrepreneur voice to every aspect of RMMFI.

As Jessica Sveen, RMMFI’s Director of Operations, put it: “It’s an honor to see entrepreneurs apply to work for us after going through our program. They see the work from both sides and bring that perspective to everything from training to admin to outreach and placement.”

Building the community we want to see starts from within, and we’re proud to have these RMMFI entrepreneurs leading change and innovation across the organization: