Helping Entrepreneurs Bet Higher on Themselves

“I can, I will, I am, I did.”

Kimberlee Ward shared that mantra in a recent Instagram post for her business, Eternal Balance Candles. EBC has been on a positive trajectory since Kimberlee graduated from Business Launch Boot Camp last year. And yet, when Kimberlee reached out to RMMFI to discuss a new loan to fuel additional growth, she caught herself playing it safe. Even though she recently had to rearrange her space to make room for more production, fear was keeping her from stepping back to acknowledge how far she had come and how much was possible in the future.

Success can be scary. RMMFI recognizes that, and we take a Whole Entrepreneur approach to support entrepreneurs’ personal development alongside their business development. Everyone’s trajectory with RMMFI looks different, but our programs provide each entrepreneur with an opportunity to grow — wherever they are on their journey.

With a new loan from RMMFI, Kimberlee’s goal is to build up her inventory so that her candles are not constantly selling out. That will allow her to spend more time focused on other areas of the business. Kimberlee is continuing to lay strong foundations for the future; surrounded by a community of support, she’s resisting the urge to play it safe and is instead, in her own words, “betting higher on myself and EBC’s potential.”