Our First-Ever Impact Report

It’s been a transformational year at RMMFI. We served a record number of entrepreneurs in the Denver Metro area while simultaneously scaling our model to support new communities across the state. We reached $1 million lent and introduced our first grants to create even greater access to capital. We transitioned from a founder-led organization and brought on our new CEO, Jessica Sveen.

The driving force behind these changes has been the small business owners we serve. From hearing the unique needs of Spanish-speaking and formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs to understanding the challenges small business owners face navigating state and local policy or ongoing economic uncertainty, RMMFI has listened, learned, and innovated alongside our entrepreneurial community. We’re incredibly proud of the impact that we’ve created as a result, and we’re excited to share that impact with you today.

In our first-ever Impact Report, you’ll find our highlights, challenges, and impact from the past year. All that we’ve accomplished is made possible by our incredible community of entrepreneurs, volunteers, partners, and supporters. As you read the report, we invite you to consider making a gift to RMMFI on Colorado Gives Day (December 6) to be part of the impact we’ll create for people, businesses, and communities in the years to come.

Click here to read our 2022 Impact Report