Our Priorities for Impact in 2023-2024

As we begin our new fiscal year, we’ve adopted three annual priorities that represent the impact we hope to achieve in the next twelve months. These priorities, outlined below, will guide our work across the organization and create a clear framework for measuring our success.

1. Investing in Launch and Thrive

We’ve done a lot to build out our Idea-phase programming since 2020, which has given many more entrepreneurs the opportunity to explore the possibilities of business ownership. This year, we want to re-focus on the Launch and Thrive phases of the RMMFI journey to ensure that Boot Camp graduates continue to feel supported and satisfied in their businesses and have pathways to achieving ownership of self, wealth, and community health.

2. Solidifying RMMFI’s External Voice, Visibility, and Leadership

Community has always been at the heart of what we do, and it’s been central to our approach to expansion across the state. As we continue working toward serving more entrepreneurs in more places, we want to build on this community strength to bring more stakeholders into the RMMFI network, demonstrate RMMFI’s leadership in the broader small business ecosystem, and activate entrepreneurs as leaders and builders.

3. Sustainability and Scalability of the RMMFI System

Over the past few years, we’ve experienced rapid growth across the organization. To make sure our future continues to be stronger than our past, we want to be intentional about scaling in a financially and operationally sustainable way and continue innovating and improving internally around our processes, technology, and culture of learning.

Through a focus on specialization, community strength, and planning for future growth, our work this year will set a strong foundation for the next 15 years of building individual and community prosperity through entrepreneurship.