Over $500,000 in Capital Deployed This Year

A year ago, we set an ambitious target of more than doubling our annual capital deployment. We saw an opportunity to extend our reach as a microfinance organization to meet the needs we were hearing from entrepreneurs. As we wrap up our fiscal year this month, we’re excited to announce that we not only met our goal — we surpassed it! In the last year, we have distributed over half a million dollars in capital: $218,000 in loans and $285,000 in grants.

This is by far the highest volume of capital we’ve ever disbursed to our community of entrepreneurs. To make it possible, we’ve worked to grow our Capital team, strengthen our internal systems, and update and expand our capital offerings. Every dollar disbursed has also been backed by education, mentorship, and community resources through our Capital Meets Capacity model, making the impact on small business owners even greater.

We’re proud to be an organization that grows alongside the entrepreneurs we support, and we’re grateful to this community that makes it possible!