Partnering with DOLA to Support Formerly Incarcerated Entrepreneurs Across Colorado

Since 2019, one of our priorities as an organization has been supporting more formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs. Business ownership offers a unique opportunity for this population, which often faces significant challenges in finding stable employment, let alone achieving economic mobility and inclusion.

Thanks to our partnership with the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), we’ve been able to deepen our commitment to serving formerly incarcerated business owners with the launch of our new sites in Northeast and Southeast Colorado. These sites are part of DOLA’s Community Crime Prevention Initiative (CCPI), which reinvests parole reform dollars into economic development and community services.

“DOLA is proud to partner with RMMFI in introducing regional sites in Colorado to continue the mission of providing business-minded opportunities for justice involved individuals, including entrepreneurial training. The work done by RMMFI ensures that all Coloradans have the opportunity to work toward making their community a great place to be.” – Audrey Field, Financial Assistance Manager

As part of the CCPI, we’re able to support formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs in Northeast and Southeast Colorado with additional business grants on top of our holistic business development programs, mentorship and coaching, character-based capital, and Entrepreneur Leadership Training Program. This combination of capital and capacity building allows us to meet each entrepreneur where they are and support both their personal and professional journey.

Our first Business Launch Boot Camp cohorts from our Northeast and Southeast Colorado sites will graduate this May. We can’t wait to see the impact they’ll have, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with DOLA to support more individuals and communities across the state.