Results From Our Annual Volunteer Impact Survey

“I believe that small businesses are the heart of our community. There’s a real sense of fulfillment in playing even a small part in nurturing these local enterprises, helping them not only survive but also thrive.”

At the end of last year, we conducted our second annual Volunteer Impact Survey. The goal of this survey is to gain a deeper understanding of the overall volunteer experience at RMMFI outside of any one program. We also want to learn about the impact our volunteers have and, in turn, the impact volunteering has had on them.

According to our 2023 survey, a large majority of volunteers have found their experience at RMMFI meaningful. Not only did 89% of volunteers feel that RMMFI opportunities were very aligned with their skills, but 68% also gained new skills and knowledge through volunteering. Overall, 81% of volunteers said they were very likely to volunteer with RMMFI again.

We were excited to see that many of the connections made through volunteering extend beyond RMMFI’s programs. 45% of volunteers have continued connecting with their mentees after completing their official volunteer engagement, and 60% stated that volunteering with RMMFI has made them more likely to purchase products or services from a local business.

In addition to sharing anecdotes about their favorite or most meaningful moments, volunteers also provided great suggestions for how we can enhance the volunteer experience at RMMFI. These ranged from improving our programming to adding more in-person opportunities, and we’re already discussing ways we can implement some of these new ideas.

We’re incredibly grateful for our amazing community of volunteers, and we could not create the impact we do without them. 85% of volunteers who completed the Volunteer Impact Survey said they were very likely to recommend volunteering at RMMFI to others. If you know someone looking to share their skills, support our small business community, and build lasting connections, please send them to our Volunteer page to learn how to get involved.