RMMFI’s Entrepreneur Roadmap

RMMFI is all about entrepreneur empowerment and putting entrepreneurs in the driver’s seat of their own journey. After years of searching for the best tool to support all the entrepreneur needs from business growth to personal growth, we decided we needed to create our own.

Created in 2022 with evaluator Coeffect, RMMFI’s Entrepreneur Roadmap is a unique self-assessment tool that supports entrepreneurs’ business, leadership, and personal growth journeys. It supports entrepreneurs in self-identifying current strengths and opportunities for growth and supports RMMFI staff (and mentors) in providing personalized resources and coaching based on their needs and goals.

The Entrepreneur Roadmap distills 16 years of RMMFI experience into one powerful tool activating entrepreneurial potential. It’s a unique resource empowering entrepreneurs as business leaders and individuals while helping RMMFI scale services across Colorado and beyond. The Entrepreneur Roadmap is just one of many ways we are innovating and investing to best support our microbusiness community.