Untapped Potential Across Colorado

Denver and Boulder tend to get most of the attention when people talk about entrepreneurship in Colorado, but the entrepreneurial spirit is strong all across the state. A few RMMFI graduates have already found opportunity outside of the metro area, demonstrating the (often untapped) potential that exists in Colorado communities large and small.

Winter Clark, owner of The Soul Call, decided to move her business to Steamboat Springs after graduating from Business Launch Boot Camp last year. While her market in Denver was competitive, she noticed that it was wide open in Steamboat. Her intuitive guidance and healing services are a great fit for a smaller, more tight-knit community, and she’s found a new customer base with tourists, as well. Winter also discovered that her presence in Steamboat opened the door for others with intuitive gifts, illustrating the endless ripple effects that entrepreneurship can have.

Cristine Boyd, owner of All Clay, moved to Pueblo in 2016 in search of a lower cost of living after being priced out of Denver. She was able to find a large studio space for much less than what she had been paying and added studio hours and clay distribution to her existing product and workshop offerings. For Cristine, the cost of rent is a major factor in the sustainability of her business model, so relocating out of Denver has opened up much more room for growth.

There are certainly unique challenges for entrepreneurs in smaller communities – Cristine noted that building a customer base takes more time in a place where word of mouth and connections are crucial – but there’s also tremendous opportunity. And often, small business owners in these parts of the state play an even more integral role in their local economies. At RMMFI, we want to see more entrepreneurs like Winter and Cristine activating the power of entrepreneurship all across Colorado.