Volunteer Spotlight: Troy Hendelman

It’s Volunteer Appreciation Month, and we’re excited to celebrate our amazing volunteers. Meet another one of our RMMFI volunteers…

Troy Hendelman has been a dedicated RMMFI volunteer for over four years. His involvement spans multiple roles that are crucial to supporting Colorado entrepreneurs on their business journeys.

Troy first got involved with RMMFI by serving on our Launch Committees – panels that review and provide feedback on entrepreneurs’ business plans and launch strategies. In this capacity, Troy has offered invaluable guidance and insights to help set our program participants up for success as they take the crucial first steps to start and grow their businesses.

“Volunteering with RMMFI means the world to me,” Troy shared. “I love participating in Launch Committees and seeing the engagement, enthusiasm and passion the Colorado entrepreneurs have for turning their ideas into real businesses. The positivity of these new business owners is so energizing!”

Ensuring Access to Capital for Colorado Entrepreneurs

Beyond the Launch Committees, Troy has also lent his expertise to reviewing RMMFI’s larger loan applications. This role ensures that our Colorado entrepreneurs receive the right amount of capital at the right time to fuel their growth. Troy takes pride in playing a part in this process, remarking, “I’m proud to play a small part in helping them along on their business journey.”

“I’m proud to play a small part in helping them along on their business journey.”

The support and encouragement that volunteers like Troy provide has a lasting impact on our entrepreneurs. Their dedication to lifting up small business owners and creating economic opportunity in our community is truly inspiring.

A Growing Community of Colorado Volunteers

Over the past year, our volunteers donated an incredible 5,800 hours – a 30% increase from the previous year. We’re honored to have such a devoted community behind us.

Get Involved: Colorado Volunteer Opportunities at RMMFI

If you’d like to join the RMMFI volunteer community and use your skills to support inclusive entrepreneurship, visitrmmfi.org/volunteer to sign up.