Entrepreneur Spotlight: Anthony de la Rosa


Anthony de la Rosa started Abbozzo Studios in 2015 and has been running his business successfully for the last 6 years. Anthony started his business because he believes in the power of small business and the ability to adapt and overcome struggles in the ever-changing US economy. “The future of the direct-to-consumer digital economy awaits our arrival; here at Abbozzo Studios, we believe creativity is the engine.”

Abbozzo Studios (pronounced Ah•BOT•Zoh) is a remote digital creative agency specializing in small business brand strategy and design. Their goal is to focus on people first and help make big impressions with small business. Their work includes digital content marketing, brand strategy, and web design.

Anthony’s passion for supporting small business goes beyond his professional work. Since graduating from RMMFI’s Business Launch Boot Camp (Class #16), Anthony has mentored fellow entrepreneurs in the program five times and currently serves on the Bamboo Club Leadership Team. He also graciously offers RMMFI boot camp graduates discounted start-up rates for design services with his company.

Looking to the future, Abbozzo Studios plans to expand into video and commercial segments soon. For more information or to reach out to Anthony directly about his services, visit the Abbozzo Studios website.