Entrepreneur Spotlight: Brand’i Stewart


Brand’i Stewart is the owner and operator of Octeavia Stewarts Ltd., a wellness business that she started in 2014 and named after her grandmother, Octavia Stewart. Octeavia’s focuses on natural wellness tea products that are safe enough to be consumed as drinking tea but are intended to be used as topical treatments or in baths. Brand’i is really good at making her products and well versed in understanding the balance of formulas and what herbs are good for specific treatments. But when it came to scaling her products and determining price points and other tools to make her business what she wanted it to be, she needed some extra support to level up.

Brand’i enrolled in RMMFI’s Business Launch Boot Camp in 2019 to get the extra help. “For me, RMMFI was a business school and nothing more; I wasn’t even aware of the loan opportunities at first.” Prior to completing the program, Brand’i never associated finance and loans with a good experience. One of the unexpected things she valued most about boot camp was that she felt much more confident and well informed on financial practices by the time she graduated. “I appreciated that they included that in the curriculum because it helped me feel more confident when I did end up receiving a business loan.” The business loan Brand’i received from RMMFI helped her purchase a new laptop and hire an engineer to maintenance her website, and she was also able to increase her supply inventory to make and ship more products.

Brand’i’s business slogan is “Octeavia’s is here to transform your skin and balance the contaminants that we take into our bodies.” Her products can be found on her website, where she offers soaps, tea baths, detox baths, infused oils, and consultations.