Entrepreneur Spotlight: Brittani Kay


Brittani wasn’t one of those kids who knew exactly what she wanted to do right after high school. She had thought about leaving the state but wasn’t quite sure what she would do in a different place, so she stayed and got her first job at Cinnabon in the Cherry Creek Mall. After some time at Cinnabon, she bopped around the local hospitality industry, working for a number of different restaurateurs. “I floated around and worked every position in the restaurant industry except kitchen and manager.” While doing this she realized she enjoyed helping others and was very skilled at anticipating their needs. That’s when Brittani figured out that her future career goals involved hospitality. She enrolled in MSU Denver to pursue a B.A in Hotel Tourism and Events, and after graduating she decided to start her own concierge service. “I took that leap of faith because I knew that I would rather spend my life building wealth for myself and my family instead of building it for someone else. I need to work on my terms.”

This opened up the door for Brittani to take an intro class at RMMFI, and she later applied and completed Business Launch Boot Camp Class #16 in 2016. “I was so intrigued by the program and Jessica’s enthusiasm that I applied for the program. I am still friends with some of my graduating class and have been lucky enough to work with some of them as well.” Brittani’s concierge business, Native Concierge, hit the ground running after graduation, and one of her first clients was Machine Gun Kelly, who also happens to be somewhat of a Denver local (he attended middle school in Denver). That opportunity helped steamroll Brittani’s access to other VIPs visiting and living in the area; she was able to build a great client list, and her business took off.

In 2018, Brittani found out she was expecting her first child, and her business took a backseat for a couple of years. She shifted her primary focus to raising and caring for her son. “It took a minute after having a baby to reclaim my identity and rebuild; then the pandemic hit!” In that moment, Brittani had to decide if she wanted to continue to put energy into something that might not work. She assessed the market and noticed people were still visiting Colorado during the pandemic; in fact, tourism and relocation to the state actually spiked during this time, so she chose to reinvent her business. Last winter Brittani launched a DBA of Native Concierge called The Key to Denver, a hospitality resource site that helps with business and lifestyle management for visitors and residents. The Key to Denver lists local businesses and services within Colorado specific to exploring activities outside of mainstream Colorado fun.

Native Concierge & The Key to Denver were not only built off of the fact that Brittani is a Colorado native, but also the fact that she sees and understands a need for those who visit or relocate to CO reluctantly and want to feel comfortable. Brittani has the unique ability to turn a CO naysayer into a fan, a service that only a true Denverite who knows the industry can offer. Brittani continues to work towards supporting the travel industry and her community while creating new experiences. Check out her website, refer her to any Colorado newbies or visitors, and be on the lookout this fall for luxury urban tours and curated boxes from some of the businesses listed on her site.