Entrepreneur Spotlight: Cisco Miera


Cisco Miera decided to start Junk Giants LLC, a junk hauling and power washing business, for freedom: freedom from the 9-to-5, freedom to spend more time with his family, and freedom to be self-sufficient. While he’s been a natural hustler his whole life, Cisco credits RMMFI with helping him recognize that he was ready to really focus on his business. Instead of building someone else’s empire, Cisco is now building his own, for himself and his family.

Cisco knows he’s an inspiration to his three kids and two grandkids. “Kid’s imitate. If they see someone else doing something, they’re more likely to do it.” He’s passing down everything he’s learning about entrepreneurship and finance to his children, and he included his granddaughters in his Junk Giants logo to set the tone for what they can be in the future.

Right now, Cisco is getting ready for the busy summer season. He’s using his RMMFI Launch Loan to buy a dump trailer, which will increase his capacity and profits by allowing him to turn around jobs more quickly and reduce labor costs. Ultimately, Cisco hopes Junk Giants will be a positive presence in the community, helping to beautify spaces, increase recycling and upcycling, and give people a sense of order out of the chaos.