Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kimberlee Ward


Kimberlee Ward is the founder & CEO of Eternal Balance Candles. She started the business because she wanted to create a product that would help people take care of themselves. For Kimberlee, candles are a reminder to pause and reflect on things as somewhat of a ceremonious experience; her motto is “light your stress away.”

The inspiration behind Eternal Balance Candles came after Kimberlee took a candle making class for fun, and she realized shortly after that she could do this as a business. It took her about two months of trial and error before she really felt like she nailed it. In 2018, Kimberlee bought all the materials and jumped right in. She was able to join RMMFI’s Business Launch Boot Camp (Class #24) the following year, which helped solidify her business plan and launch her website, where the bulk of her sales now come from.

When you light an Eternal Balance Candle, there’s a sense of peace that comes from the entire experience; this is intentional because making these candles also aligns with Kimberlee’s passion to create mental health awareness, specifically around depression. The purpose of an Eternal Balance Candle is to provide a sense of relaxation that helps calm the mind and body — and it’s true, her candles do exactly that. “We care about your space and whether you’re living intentionally; each candle is poured with that in mind.” Kimberlee believes that adopting a life of intention over time helps root ourselves and re-shape our lives for the better. It’s the simple, intentional moments that make a big impact, and an Eternal Balance Candle is a reminder of that.

Every Eternal Balance Candle is made with soy wax; phthalate, paraben, and preservative-free fragrances (free of animal testing); and lead-free cotton wicks. You can purchase your very own Eternal Balance Candle on the company website, and you can also find them at these local retailers: False Ego, Studio Colfax, and Tattered Cover (coming soon!).

When asked what the future of Eternal Balance Candles looked like, Kimberlee said that she would love to eventually be able to run her business full time and be in all 50 states. That’s a goal that doesn’t seem too far off given Kimberlee’s incredible work ethic and passion for her product.