Entrepreneur Spotlight: Shah Iman


Shah Iman is the owner and operator of Amallah Beauty and Beyond, a full-service cosmetology brand that primarily focuses on natural hair care and products. Shah finished high school at the age of 16, which included completing her cosmetology license. She attended Chicago DePaul University, where she received a degree in social science, then moved to Denver and received a degree in criminal justice at Metro State University.

Shah had always wanted to become a lawyer, but between financial limitations and working to put herself through school, she could never free herself up enough to focus on just that. Because she has always had a love for the law, and in an effort to stay connected to the field, she became a paralegal. She did this for a number of years before shifting entirely to focus on her cosmetology business. “I was burnt out on the work, and it had not been as fulfilling as I had hoped. I am very involved and interested in civil rights and outreach, and I wasn’t doing much of that.”

Shah started working on her cosmetology business in 2019. Since she already had her cosmetology license, she was doing full-service salon work — nails, hair, facials, etc. — while also developing products with no chemicals added and educating clients on the natural hair products that were right for them. Shah’s overall goal was to contribute to the education of African American hair and curly hair in general. She officially opened her business in April 2021 and started selling her products in June of that year.

One of the many exciting things about switching to the cosmetology industry from law is Shah’s 11-year-old daughter’s interest and involvement in the business. “It’s our business,” as Shah would put it. “I like that I have the opportunity to show her things that I didn’t necessarily have. Her access to this is providing a foundation that will guide and help her achieve her goals.”

Shah discovered RMMFI through Black Biz Colorado and enrolled in Business Launch Boot Camp Aurora Class #7 in 2021. “I found the program to be super beneficial. It was helpful to have the mentors delving into the finances that you need for your business, and I found the profit and loss spreadsheet to be especially helpful.” After graduating from the program, Shah decided to stay involved with the RMMFI entrepreneur community as part of the Bamboo Club Leadership Team. “My favorite thing about my business is making my clients feel good about their looks and educating people about their hair. I want to translate that into my service on the Bamboo Club Leadership Team. I’m an information sharer, and if I can save someone time and help give that, I would love to help other business owners.”

Shah’s future goal for her business is to create a regular retail marketplace in the community in addition to continuing to sell her items on Amazon’s Handmade Marketplace. You can keep up with Shah and her business by visiting her website and following her on Instagram.