Entrepreneur Spotlight: Shavon Boyd


“I didn’t know programs like this existed.”

Last month, we celebrated 16 entrepreneurs graduating from RMMFI’s Business Launch Boot Camp. One of those entrepreneurs was Shavon Boyd, owner of Sweets by Shavon. Sweets by Shavon specializes in everything desserts – classic to specialty – and features a unique line of dessert teas.

There is a strong entrepreneurial spirit in Shavon’s family, and she’s been surrounded by business owners since she was a child. Her grandmother owned a successful restaurant in Park Hill for over 30 years, and Shavon grew up watching her cook and helping out wherever she was needed. Shavon’s dad is an entrepreneur, as well, so it was no surprise when Shavon decided to start a business herself.

When Shavon first began baking in 2007, people would ask what she would charge for custom orders, so she knew she was onto something. At her very first farmers market, Shavon met a RMMFI graduate who saw how popular her items were and told her she should sign up for boot camp.

Shavon first got involved in RMMFI’s programs by working with an Idea Navigator. She enjoyed the chance to bounce ideas off of someone, and talking through things with the Idea Navigator helped give her a new perspective on her business. Encouraged by that first experience, Shavon decided to move forward and apply for Business Launch Boot Camp.

When she started boot camp in February, Shavon already knew some of the business concepts from her past experience. Still, it was helpful to work through them again to solidify her ideas and think through how to put them into practice. Shavon loved being able to gain new perspectives through weekly meetings with her mentor team. By asking questions like “Have you thought about this?” or “Is this something you’d be willing to try?”, Shavon’s mentors pushed her and led her to take a new approach to some parts of her business.

Shavon also found the cohort model of boot camp to be especially valuable. She appreciated the opportunity to hear how other entrepreneurs in a variety of industries were approaching their businesses. Together, she and her classmates were able to learn from each other, sharing ideas for how to do things differently.

Making space for boot camp was a challenge, as Shavon has a full-time job and is a single parent of a 4-year-old. But for her, the investment in herself and her business was worth it. “Boot camp provides information and perspective that most people don’t think of on their own because you’re used to seeing the world as you see it.”

Now that she’s a boot camp graduate, Shavon is looking forward to a busy summer season for her business. She’ll be participating in the Rebel Marketplace at Del Mar Park in Aurora through October, and she is continuing to work on licensing so that she can market her dessert tea commercially in the future.

If you’d like to taste some of Shavon’s desserts or teas, make sure to check out the Rebel Marketplace Farmers Market; opening day is May 8 from 9am to 1pm. To place a custom order, visit Sweets by Shavon on Facebook or Instagram.