Entrepreneur Spotlight: Winter Clark


Winter Clark started her wellness business, Soul Call Coaching, in 2017 with nothing more than her intuition guiding her and a desire to help others heal. Winter was working as an ESL teacher for the New York City public school system when she decided to start exploring the wellness path. She found a center in Brooklyn, NY and began participating and eventually teaching workshops and acquiring clients to work with on the side, including some of her ESL colleagues.

In what Winter described as a midlife crisis, she felt a strong urge to pack her bags and leave the city she’s from and start something new in the mountains. It was fate that a friend of hers had just moved to Denver from Canada, so she went for a visit. On her way back to New York, she didn’t feel excited about her return, which was enough confirmation for her to make the move out West. Winter arrived in Denver and found a position teaching English while simultaneously exploring and researching what Denver had to offer in terms of wellness. It was interesting for her to find that, unlike New York, metaphysical and holistic healing were very separate entities, and this was something she wanted to bridge the gap on.

Around this time, Winter decided to let go of teaching English and fully lean into working on her wellness career path. She contracted with different shops doing a combination of intuition and energy healing work while trying to structure her own freelance. Through research and social media, she discovered RMMFI and enrolled in Business Launch Boot Camp Class #13. “The program was literally the thing that got me out of having to work in other people’s structures”.

Sometime after Winter completed the program and while she was continuing to build her business, the pandemic hit and almost led Winter to shut her business down entirely. However, she realized that people needed coaching even more during COVID and were willing to put more of a focus on mental health and wellness than ever before. Because of this, her clientele expanded, and Winter decided to pivot her business to full-time coaching. She stopped offering reiki and tarot readings (metaphysical) services due to the very specific framework and time it takes to coach effectively, and Winter enrolled in RMMFI’s Pivot Accelerator Program to help with this shift.

Today, Winter’s business is structured as a 6-month coaching program designed to help guide individuals to self actualization and fulfillment. She also offers what she calls her “garden” of alternative options — podcasts, previously recorded sessions, and a book she wrote — if her coaching package is not something a client can commit to. Winter is recognized by the Colorado Secretary of State as a certified coach and plans to launch a full-service coaching entity called Winter Clark Activities in 2022 that would include training other coaches, embodiment movement, and helping women connect to feminine energy and self-knowing.

Winter’s intuition has helped guide her journey from leaving her home town of New York, to contracting at various metaphysical and holistic wellness shops in Denver, to launching her freelance business, to pivoting and growing the business exponentially during a world crisis, to now developing a whole wellness entity that will encompass all of the pieces of wellness that she loves. There is definitely something to be said about trusting your intuition and allowing it to guide you.