Volunteer Spotlight: Meghan Camacho-Culligan

It’s Volunteer Appreciation Month, and today we’re spotlighting the wonderful Meghan Camacho-Culligan! Meghan has been a volunteer with RMMFI since 2020 and has participated in over 10 programs – both as a mentor in our Business Launch Boot Camp and as a workshop facilitator. Meghan brings a patient and encouraging approach to all of her volunteer roles, and has made an amazing impact on all of the entrepreneurs she has worked with.

For Meghan, volunteering with RMMFI is a huge win-win opportunity. “I get to meet incredible entrepreneurs with the most unique ideas, while sharing my love for project management and goal setting.” Meghan wants RMMFI entrepreneurs to know they can reach their goals while maintaining their sanity. She believes that each entrepreneur she’s met is a resilient leader who deserves to have their big dreams fulfilled!