Entrepreneur Spotlight: Brand’i Stewart


“Now I can feel my value, but I had to create the space for that.”

Brand’i Stewart always believed she had the potential for excellence. She worked hard for a master’s degree, but employers would treat her like she didn’t know what she was doing, causing some anxiety. Brand’i also met the challenge of long hours that left little time to be with her young daughter.

Last year, she decided to make a change and launched Octeavia’s, a custom herbal tea company, with the help of RMMFI. Using her experience with plants, wellness, and nutrition, Brand’i empowers customers to manage their health with a more natural and sustainable approach.

Brand’i is proud to be both an executive directing all facets of her business and a mother inspiring her daughter. She spends more time with her daughter, modeling what’s possible with hard work and dedication and showing her the process of creating something beautiful. Being a parent and a business owner often means working until 3am, but the schedule is worth it for Brand’i because she gets to spend time raising her daughter and building something long lasting. As an Indigenous woman, she knows that many also face situations that make them question the professional atmosphere, and she’s working hard to change that culture both within and outside of her community. “Now I can feel my value, but I had to create the space for that.”