Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jessica Liddle

Owner of Little by Liddle

As most entrepreneurs can attest, building a business is anything but linear. For Jessica Liddle, the owner of Little by Liddle, her business growth is inextricably intertwined with the variability of her own personal growth.

Jessica operates a heart-centered organization business. On paper, Jessica helps her clients clean their homes; but in practice, Jessica’s organizational work in a physical space has a profound impact on a person’s mental space. 

“For most people, physical clutter is usually a result of emotional clutter. My clients recognize that connection and are ready to make some lifestyle changes for themselves.”

Starting a Business

Jessica’s start in entrepreneurship was one part coincidence, one part fate. After several years of working at a restaurant, she heard about RMMFI’s programming through the mailing list Fast Women of Colorado.

She did a little research and learned that the CEO of the organization, Rob Smith, had been a regular of hers for years. The fact that she knew the CEO put her mind at ease, and she applied to the Business Idea Lab in early 2020.

Cleansing the Energy of a Space

Around the time that Jessica was starting an organizing business, Marie Kondo had just popularized professional tidying. Little by Liddle borrows some of the main tenants of Kondo’s now-infamous method, but Jessica takes it a step further.

“It’s not always ‘does it spark joy’ or not. That’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the emotional connection we have to our things,” Jessica says.

A couple of years prior, Jessica had completed yoga teacher training where she learned that all things hold energy. Yoga taught her that the more we fill a physical space with our stories and thoughts, the more we associate these feelings with objects.

Without reflection and refinement, the emotional attachments we carry with our stuff are often heavier than the thing itself. Jessica’s work helps clients confront their own attachments so that they can part with physical stuff, emotional burdens, or both.

Life Comes First

Soon after graduating from Idea Lab, COVID-19 left Jessica out of work, like so many service industry professionals. Instead of complaining, Jessica dedicated this time to building Little by Liddle, but she admits to quickly getting in over her head. 

“I registered it with the Secretary of State and made myself a little business card, but I really didn’t know what I was doing.”

She continued on and finished Business Launch Boot Camp, but then life threw another curve ball. Jessica got into an accident that broke both her wrists, making it difficult to work. To top it off, she was then forced to navigate two big life transitions. 

“It was a dark time; breaking two wrists, leaving my home of five years, leaving a relationship of two years. Everything had just flipped upside down.”

Understandably, it was hard for Jessica to grow her business in the circumstances. Luckily, a year later, she heard about RMMFI’s Thrive Business Accelerator and jumped at the opportunity.

Getting Back on Track

Jessica says that the mentorship, structure, and inspiration she got from the TBA program were enough to shift her energy. Now, she’s devoting her attention full-time to marketing and partnership-building for her business.

“It’s been a little bit of a roller coaster just because of my personal setbacks and everything. But I think Thrive came around at the right time when I was ready to refocus and commit myself a hundred percent to working on it. I just needed a refresher.”

To get connected with Jessica, send her an email at [email protected].