3,700 Hours of Community in Action

Last year, more than 200 RMMFI volunteers contributed over 3,700 hours to supporting inclusive entrepreneurship in Colorado. As mentors, workshop facilitators, loan reviewers, and more, volunteers shared their expertise and passion to help entrepreneurs activate their potential at every stage of the journey.

2021 was a year of significant growth for RMMFI, and volunteers played a crucial part as we expanded our programs and where we offer them. Volunteers stepped into brand new mentoring and facilitator roles with the Thrive Business Accelerator, allowing us to make deeper investments in post-Launch support for entrepreneurs. Volunteer coaches and mentors also made it possible for RMMFI to bring Business Idea Lab and Business Launch Boot Camp to our first rural and Spanish-speaking sites.

While 3,700 hours is certainly something to celebrate, the full impact that RMMFI volunteers create is best reflected in the words of the entrepreneurs they’ve worked with:

“My team of amazing, empowering, and sharp women prevented me from putting myself and my business concept in a box that I think would have held me back from the success and fulfillment that now feels well within my reach.”

“My mentors created a safe environment in which I was able to reflect on the things I learned in class.”

“My mentor was able to see the bigger picture of what I was doing and always gave valuable guidance and advice.”

“My mentors all had a great sense of humor and all had so much knowledge and insight to bring to the table that has really shaped the foundation for the continuation of my entrepreneur journey!”

Thank you to everyone who volunteers their time and talent to help entrepreneurs do great things for themselves, their businesses, and their communities. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer, click here to learn about all of our opportunities to get involved!