Doing Business With Purpose

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ShopBIPOC is an online marketplace for Colorado’s BIPOC-owned small businesses.

BIPOC is an acronym for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. The ShopBIPOC website is designed to connect consumers who want to purchase from BIPOC-owned businesses with those businesses and to allow BIPOC-owned businesses to expand their markets. Among other outcomes, this site aims to reduce the racial wealth gap.

Through a collaborative effort of twelve community organizations led by the Center for Community Wealth Building, including RMMFI, ShopBIPOC was launched in Fall 2022 with the goal of connecting buyers and sellers through a simple, easy-to-use online platform.

Buying from BIPOC-owned businesses is a direct and tangible way to align our everyday actions as consumers with our commitments to racial equity and to reducing the racial wealth gap. Your money can make a difference, especially when you continuously buy BIPOC for everyday needs. We hope that you’ll find some new favorite services and products on this site. And please check back often, as we will be adding new businesses all the time!