Our Theory of Change

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Problem Statement

Entrepreneurship is a powerful tool to build both individual and community prosperity. The median net worth of business owners is nearly 2.5x higher than non-business owners and business increases economic inclusion when background, education, and household needs create barriers to financial stability (Association for Enterprise Opportunity). But personal, professional, systemic, political, and economic barriers prevent many from accessing the benefits of ownership. For example, historical discrimination from financial systems and a lack of access to tailored and relevant support are barriers to this day. These barriers undermine individual and communal belief in accessible pathways to ownership, resulting in an inequitable opportunity for economic inclusion and community autonomy as well as a poorly diversified economy. According to Global Policy Solutions, the racial wealth gap in business ownership costs 9 million jobs and $3 billion to the economy. RMMFI works to level the playing field and build new pathways to ownership.

Target Population

RMMFI supports resilient Coloradans who are ready for business ownership that have faced marginalization, societal barriers, or low-wage employment. RMMFI works with entrepreneurs from a variety of high-barrier backgrounds across locations, ages, and demographics which results in a diverse, welcoming community of entrepreneurs.


  • $3.4 million in financial resources (annual budget)
  • 40+ staff, contractors, and board members
  • 250+ volunteers and mentors
  • 30+ referral partners
  • 3 established site partners
  • Classrooms and curriculum
  • Loan products
  • Marketplaces (virtual and physical)
  • Technology

Key Activities

  • Inspire entrepreneurs to activate their dreams
  • Support the whole entrepreneur
  • Educate on business foundations
  • Invest through character-based lending
  • Connect entrepreneurs to coaches and community
  • Advocate for inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems

Outcomes & Impact

*Click each level of impact to see what this ownership looks like and how our programmatic outcomes align to create it.

Entrepreneurship Activates Potential

Entrepreneurship serves as a tool for self-actualization, personal agency, and fulfillment of dreams and ideas. From seeing a pathway to success to building strong foundations towards goals, engaging in entrepreneurship provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to share knowledge, passions, skills, and traditions through families and generations.

 Idea Outcomes
Entrepreneurs identify barriers to personal and professional success
Launch Outcomes
Entrepreneurs recognize their own potential and are empowered to define their personal and professional success
 Thrive Outcomes
Entrepreneurs experience self-worth, personal agency, and fulfillment of dreams, potential, and ideas

Economic Mobility and Inclusion

In the face of systems that say “wait” or “never” to ownership, entrepreneurship provides economic mobility and opportunity to business owners and their households. From gaining access to business supports and capital to owning thriving and resilient businesses, entrepreneurs experience higher levels of financial independence and build generational wealth.

Idea Outcomes
Entrepreneurs explore and ideate business concepts
Launch Outcomes
Entrepreneurs launch and capitalize their business
Thrive Outcomes
Entrepreneurs and their households experience financial stability and growth through operating thriving, resilient businesses

Vibrant, Unique, and Empowered Communities

Inclusive entrepreneurship uplifts the freedom and autonomy of communities on their terms. From being equipped with a community of support to reinvesting locally as business leaders, entrepreneurs help advance a vision for thriving local communities.

Idea Outcomes
Entrepreneurs build community with one another
 Launch Outcomes
Entrepreneurs develop meaningful connections to coaches, customers, and community
 Thrive Outcomes
Entrepreneurs invest in their communities as owners, employers, and local leaders


  • Business ownership and growth can lead to personal growth and financial stability, and we recognize the multitude of personal, professional, systemic, political, and macroeconomic factors that influence these outcomes.
  • Capital without capacity can be destructive; therefore, all our work integrates coaching and entrepreneurial training with capital access. 
  • Business can be a force for good and if given the opportunity, entrepreneurs will create responsible businesses that create positive ripples for their suppliers, employers, or customers. 
  • Diversity among businesses and competition is a good thing, and small, local, and diverse businesses add value to local economies and communities. 
  • Risk and luck impact entrepreneurship. We accept that not every idea will sprout, not all business will last, and not every entrepreneur will ‘make it big’; instead, we recognize a variety of goals and successes established by entrepreneurs themselves. We believe investing in the people behind the business will have lasting impact. 

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