Our North Star

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People are unstoppable forces. Life circumstances are real and sometimes overwhelming, but they should not determine what you can do in the present or be in the future. We believe everyone should be free to make choices to activate the possible.

RMMFI creates the space for communities and people of all backgrounds to realize their unique potential through the power of entrepreneurship.

Guiding Principles

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    • Trust: Our relationships, decisions, and actions are rooted in trust.
    • Entrepreneurship: Leveraging a growth mindset, we create innovative solutions.
    • The Right Thing: We act with our entrepreneurs and community in mind.
    • Connection: We value one another and leverage the strengths of others and our community.
    • Knowledge: We seek to understand, share expertise, and improve through cycles of learning.
    • Ownership: We put decisions in the right hands: our staff, our entrepreneurs, and our community.
    • Purpose: We’re grounded in our North Star and align our actions with outcomes in mind.
    • Whole Person: We recognize that the strength of a “thing” is only as strong as the person behind it.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA)

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RMMFI recognizes that in order to pursue our North Star, we must approach our work and lead through a framework of racial, gender, and geographic equity. At RMMFI, we believe that entrepreneurship is a vehicle that can be used to create the life people want for ourselves and our communities. We know racial inequities and systemic barriers in education, access to capital, and access to opportunity have kept people of color and systemically marginalized communities out of mainstream access. We intentionally take part in conversations about structural racism as well as engage diverse voices in problem-solving, decision-making, and issues of accessibility. In order to aim bigger and go deeper, RMMFI is committed to supporting our entrepreneurs, staff, and community members equitably.