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28 Sep

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kristen Osborne

Enchanted Shadows Kristen Osborne, owner and operator of Enchanted Shadows, a small business located in Sterling, CO. Kristen’s spark to open up her business developed from a place of necessity and healing after being diagnosed with a rare...
7 Sep

Over $500,000 in Capital Deployed This Year

A year ago, we set an ambitious target of more than doubling our annual capital deployment. We saw an opportunity to extend our reach as a microfinance organization to meet the needs we were hearing from entrepreneurs. As we wrap up our fiscal year...
16 Aug

Entrepreneur Spotlight: James Grevious

What is Rebel Marketplace Rebel Marketplace belongs to a group of businesses founded by James Grevious. Rebel Marketplace is technically a farmers’ market, but it does so much more – it’s the first farmer’s market in east Denver to promote...


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