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17 Nov

Announcing Launch Grants and New Loan Limits

For most of RMMFI’s history, we’ve offered business capital exclusively through loans. We started providing some grants this past year, but they were limited to entrepreneurs living and working in Northwest Aurora and business owners who were...
3 Nov

From $500 to $1 Million Lent

We’re continuing to celebrate RMMFI’s millionth dollar lent by taking a look back at our lending program over the past 14 years. As of the time we reached the $1 million milestone, we had lent $1,016,966 across 329 loans ranging from $246 to...
2 Nov

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jariatu Yillah

Owner of Israel Enterprises RMMFI’s first-ever loan went to Jariatu Yillah, owner of Israel Enterprises. Jariatu is an immigrant from Sierra Leone, and she started her business selling imported accessories more than a decade ago as a way to build...


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