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4 MyChild

4MyChild LLC is an online toy store owned by Fanta Dansoko. The store will be dedicated to providing quality toys for kids at affordable prices. Fanta is a mother of four, who has owned several businesses in the past.

She took on this new business venture because over the years she noticed that buying toys for children to enjoy and learn with is very costly, which means it’s often done only when parents have extra money after taking care of the essentials. As a result, not every parent can afford to buy toys for their kids. Yet not only does every child want toys, but they can also benefit from having them.

4MyChild, as a company, believes that the things kids play with have a lasting impact on their development. So, the company strives to provide every child access to the same quality of toys as their peers at more affordable prices and thereby help bridge the gap between them and their peers. That’s 4MyChild’s overall mission: to enhance children’s development by enriching their environment with their parents having to forgo another necessity to create such an enriching environment. In short, the company’s goal is to provide high-quality toys at affordable prices because every child deserves quality toys without breaking the piggy bank.

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3575 South Zeno Way Aurora, Colorado, United States, 80013
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