Entrepreneur Spotlight: Chelsey Pas


Chelsey Pas has been a photographer professionally since 2009 when she returned from art school in British Columbia. At the time, she knew she wanted to be a full-time photographer but knew nothing about running a business, and she joined RMMFI’s Business Launch Boot Camp Class #22 in 2018 to re-launch her business. “I was given lots of tools to make my business run smoother, a supporting community, and most of all the confidence that I can and am worthy of successfully running my business.”

Since completing the program, Chelsey has fully rebranded her business to Friends & Lovers Photography, redone her website, and completely centered her business around the LGBTQ community — which had always been a dream of hers. “I take so much pride in the LGBTQ+ community because it is MY community, too.”

When asked why she wanted to make queer photography a focal point of her business, Chelsey gave a beautiful answer: “At different times throughout my career, capturing queer stories has felt radical, inspiring, and affirming. Now more than ever, it is the photography that feels the most personal, and I want that to radiate from your photos. Your love, your chosen family, and the journey that led to this biggest moment yet. All of it is so important and should be celebrated and seen. You deserve to share your most treasured moments with an LBGTQ photographer who will recognize the joy and resilience in them.”

It’s important to Chelsey that her clients not hire her just because she focuses on the queer community, but instead for the 10+ years of experience she has as a professional photographer. “I’m extremely passionate about photography and the way it creates a paper chain from our past. This still feels as magical as it did for me as a 13-year-old in the darkroom.”

You can book Friends & Lovers Photography on at friendsandloversphotography.com or check out some of Chelsey’s work on her Instagram page.