New Boot Camp Grad - Carmone Fuller (Carmone's Jammin Jerk Sauce)

An Interview with Carmone Fuller, Business Owner- December 2015


When asked “Why he loves RMMFI so much”, Carmone Fuller, a graduate of Business Launch BootCamp #14, replied:

“Well, to start off first, they gave me the tools to figure out what I need to do to make my dream a reality.  They put us together with 8 different boot campers from all different parts of the business world and strangely enough, we became so close that we wouldn’t let anyone give up on their dream.  RMMFI kept us going.  For me, I am a chef and work full time, 10-12 hours per day, and when I got to Boot Camp I forgot how tired I was.  It was never boring. I wasn’t the best student growing up, but this was very exciting. They gave me the confidence to follow my dream and the right path to do so. This is an extended family. Once you graduate you are still a part of RMMFI with all the support and help through the Post Boot Camp program.  If I had found them earlier, I would have started my business earlier.  They have made it fun for me to dream, fun to work hard, and it was worth the whole 12 weeks.”

Carmone Fuller is now the proud owner of Carmone Enterprises, LLC. and producer of “Carmone’s Jammin’ Jerk Sauce”.  The recipe for Carmone’s jerk sauce has been in his family for many years, originating with his ancestors who lived in Jamaica. Carmone Enterprises has had fast growth in the few short weeks of business launch since November, 2015. Carmone’s Jammin Jerk Sauce is now at the point where Carmone can produce his jerk sauce in large quantities without losing the quality or kick of the original recipe.  And just last week someone ordered 7 cases of sauce!

“Business ownership isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon,” says Carmone. “I am now ready to work for myself and have the tools to do that.  I couldn’t have done this without my fellow boot campers. I feel like Oliver. We were a bunch of orphans at the beginning but now we are all moving forward towards successful business ownership.”

When asked what advice he would give to other entrepreneurs and people just starting off, Carmone shared, “RMMFI can only help you if you help yourself.  The more you put in, the more you are going to get out.  You gain an amazing community that runs alongside you every step of the way.  They are on your side. Colorado is very friendly towards small business, and what other ally would you want here than RMMFI?!”

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