Scaling to Meet the Need for Inclusive Entrepreneurial Support

Earlier this month, we hosted community celebrations for our newest sites in Northeast and Southeast Colorado. We recognized the 17 entrepreneurs who completed Business Idea Lab and our new Entrepreneur Leadership Training Program, and we welcomed the partners that are helping us make this expansion possible. We’re excited to share more about these cohorts, which will begin our first Northeast and Southeast Business Launch Boot Camps in the next few weeks.

As we seek to serve more entrepreneurs across the state, especially in rural areas, we’re continuing to build new partnerships to ensure our programs are relevant and responsive to the unique opportunities and challenges present in different communities.

Internally, we’re focused on growing our people, processes, and technology to scale effectively and meet the need for inclusive entrepreneurial support. The new model we’re building includes a reinvented headquarters that supports regions and sites across the state. In our next blog, we’ll introduce our newest team members and how their roles fit into this regional design.

We’ve seen tremendous entrepreneurial potential as we’ve begun expanding throughout Colorado, and we’re confident that our model of growth will allow us to help communities and individuals across the state access the many benefits of small business ownership.