What Entrepreneurs Want Most From Their Mentors

Exactly 6 months ago today, Jantier Fennel went before RMMFI’s Launch Committee as the final step before graduating from Business Launch Boot Camp. She was starting a catering company — J7’s Kitchen — and set a goal to purchase a food truck within a year.

Jantier achieved that goal in half the time! She purchased her food truck last week and is now in the process of remodeling it for an opening in December.

To help Jantier capitalize on her hard work, we reconnected her with one of her boot camp mentors, Lindsey. Lindsey has deep knowledge and experience to share, but what has really mattered to Jantier is how comfortable she feels working with her. Their relationship is built on mutual trust and respect, and that has removed the vulnerability that can often be a barrier to talking through difficult problems.

Starting a business is personal. Jantier, like many others, became an entrepreneur because she wanted to leave something for her daughters. Our approach puts so much emphasis on helping entrepreneurs and mentors develop the type of relationship that Jantier and Lindsey have because that foundation is what allows them to fully share and leverage their strengths.

We are incredibly proud of what Jantier has accomplished in such a short time and appreciative of the volunteers like Lindsey who have supported her along the way. Be on the lookout for J7’s food truck to get some delicious southern style eats that bring the heart of home to you!